Reflective Tape for Rail Cars

When you’re transporting materials via railroad, it’s important to understand all the safety guidelines and procedures as stated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Updated in 2005, the FRA 224 regulations for all rail cars and locomotives requires the application and use of railcar conspicuity tape on both sides of freight rolling stock. This regulation was put in place to enhance the visibility of railroad cars and locomotives in low-light conditions. Read more about detailed application instructions here.

At Briargate Supply, we have what you need to comply with all government requirements and provide enhanced visibility in dusk, dawn, or nighttime conditions. Available in both white and yellow colored tape in a range of configurations, the choice is yours. When properly applied, our highly reflective tape for rail cars is extremely tough and durable with a 10 year warranty.  Our railcar conspicuity tape will help you maintain safe conditions for employees and pedestrians alike.  Also, with increasing railroad graffiti, every railroad repair center needs a ready stock of FRA-224 tape on hand to replace this painted-over reflective tape.

FRA-224 railway reflective tape has a multitude of additional uses other than just marking railcars.  For one, it’s 4” wide so it’s much bigger than the usual 2” tape.  Use it for enhanced safety to mark edges of  rail platforms, entrance stairs on commuter trains, pedestrian stairs and walkways at railway stations, and even for general safety within industrial and factory locations.

Our FRA-224 reflective tape comes in yellow and white, full roll or kiss cut.  And every roll is stamped with the federally mandated FRA-224 label.  Just let us know the configuration you need.

Why Choose Briargate Supply?

Finding a high quality reflective tape for rail cars can be a difficult task, but we have the solutions you seek. As a top provider for railcar conspicuity tape, you can feel confident in our government-approved products. Unsure which configuration is best for your needs? No problem! Contact the specialists at Briargate Supply—we’re happy to help you come up with the perfect solution.

For all other questions or comments regarding our railcar conspicuity tape, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call 312-771-2202 today!