Reflective Tape Distribution From Briargate Supply

  • Reflective Tape Distribution From Briargate Supply

    Reflective Tape Distribution From Briargate Supply

    Briargate Supply quite literally started at the dining room table; selling reflective tape. We knew we needed to provide something for our kids to grow into, and I love the raw adventure of the entrepreneur. Our first house was in a gritty industrial area with 13 railroad crossings within a couple of miles, not to mention another 4 interstate highways and the busiest airport in the world nearby. As a result, we spent lots and lots of time sitting behind semi trucks in heavy traffic and watching trains go crawling past. And everywhere I looked, I saw reflective tape – DOT Retro Reflective Tape and FRA Reflective Tape to be exact. Which then wondered to ourselves, “Someone’s got to be selling a lot of reflective tape here”.

    How We Started Selling Reflective Tape

    After spending hours and hours of of time on research, we started going in on this business. And just to be clear, it’s not for the faint of heart. Selecting a name, registering a business license with the federal government, the state government, the local government, printing letterhead, developing a logo, printing business cards, opening a PO box, developing a website and countless meetings with our website designer were many of the things we had to accomplish before we could sell a single roll. Most importantly, we had to find product to sell. Interviewing overseas suppliers with language barriers and major time zone differences was a challenge in itself. This included learning about Metallic Reflective Tape, Air Sealed Reflective Tape, SOLAS Reflective Tape, Sew On Reflective Tape, Flame Resistant reflective tape and much more. Then we started comparing prices, determining our sweet spot, and expanding into the safety garment sew on reflective tape so we could get it all organized. Sure enough, we even got caught in a couple fraud sales on our website. Really funny people with heavy accents that place big orders to be shipped overseas with mysterious addresses are crooks. Avoid them no matter how nice they are appear to be…  “once bitten, twice shy”

    Keeping Up With Today’s Reflective Tape Industry

    In this day of Google algorithms and worldwide web instant shopping, it’s hard to develop a niche selling a commodity product. I mean, really, really, hard.  That’s why we focus on specialty reflective products and new trend items and try not to compete just on price, along with lots of good old fashioned telemarketing. We’ve learned that the trucking and trailer and safety garment industry (our primary customers) are made up of pretty decent folks.  They love samples and love to talk about reflective tape, and we are happy to oblige them with good old fashioned customer service.  We understand business – because when you start on rock bottom, you understand that cash can be tight, that everyone is looking for a good deal, and that no one wants to buy the cheapest junk on the market, and customers love lots of options for their reflective tape needs.

    A Reflective Tape Distributor Who Cares

    I have attached a photo of our desks in the basement where it all started for us. It’s reminder of where we burned the midnight oil and started a business from scratch. And the reward of it all? When an email arrives or the phone rings and someone says,  “I’d like to place an order for… REFLECTIVE TAPE!”  So give us a call or or get in contact with us on our website. We have the reflective tape to meet your needs.  And if we don’t stock it, we can get it! Whether you work in the trucking, trailer, railroad, and safety garment industries, we have you covered.

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