About Us


We’ve always lived in the industrial area of Chicago around O’Hare airport. And then we bought a house near the railroad tracks. We spent hours and hours, days and years actually, sitting in heavy traffic and looking at the back ends of trucks and trailers.  And just as much time sitting at railroad crossings watching long, long, freight trains crawl into the switching yards. And with all that time looking at trucks and trains we noticed something……….reflective tape. Lots and lots of reflective tape.

So we did our research and found out lots more information. It is gov’t required, there are very specific sizes and colors required, it must be installed according to exact locations, etc. (And there is lots of industry specific jargon here; conspicuity tape, DOT tape, railroad FRA 224 tape). At that point Briargate Supply was born; we began selling all types of reflective tape it and it’s grown from there.  It’s been a great industry to work in. And…….we don’t mind sitting in traffic or waiting for trains near as much!

But we got to thinking about all of those strips of bright reflective tape that catch your eye and we wondered if there wasn’t a good way to make better use of all that space. And that’s when Briargate Supply started selling REFLECTIVE LOGO TAPE. That is getting your specific logo or company name imprinted within the reflective tape. It’s an added marketing tool and looks great besides. And the best thing is that it doesn’t cost any more although there is a minimum order.  Not to be confused with printed reflective tape which has your logo printed over top of the tape. This can be illegal when used on gov’t required locations on vehicles. Briargate Supply doesn’t sell printed tape.

So whether you are looking for a great deal on regular reflective tape, or looking to leverage your tape expenses for and added marketing punch with reflective logo tape, we have what you need! Check out our different categories and feel free to let us know how we can help you!

Freight Train With DOT Reflector Tape
Freight Train FDA-224 Reflector Tape at Night


Briargate Supply strives to supply value added products at a fair price across the industry.   We make it our goal to embrace leading leading industry trends to make your job safer and easier, and to help our clients businesses increase their own market share with a branded image through the products we supply.


  • To conduct business in an upright and ethical manner
  • To treat every customer with a deep sense of conscience
  • To provide the best level of customer service with each and every transaction.