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Trucking companies everywhere have begun to realize the added marketing benefits of applying imprinted DOT reflective logo tape on their vehicles. Many OEM manufacturers of trailers allow the end user to specify their specific reflective logo tape to be installed but this needs to be clearly discussed with your OEM manufacturer

Fully government approved according to FRA 224 regulations, railcar reflective tape from Avery Dennison. 9700RR series. For Use On: Railcars, Boxcars, Tank Cars, Hopper Cars, Flatcars, Articulated Well Cars, Locomotives

Briargate Supply carries a full line of federal mandated DOT reflective conspicuity tape. As per federal guidelines these are in widths of 2”. Additional sizes are available. All rolls are 150 feet long and sold as full roll, or kiss-cut 18” sections on the roll with red-white spacing of either 11”-7” or 6”-6

Briargate Supply now carries two types of value tape versions • Value 7 year tape, Metalized Version $59 a roll • Value 7 Year Tape Air Sealed Version $59 a roll. All rolls are 150 feet long and sold as full roll only, no kiss cut option. The red-white spacing can be ordered either 11”-7” or 6”-6”

What We Offer



increase your market share with a branded image. Mark your fleet. Deter theft. Install reflective logo tape on your vehicles! See our “reflective logo tape” page for specifics needed to order this tape.

  • Semi Box Trailers
  • Semi tractors Flatbeds Horse trailers
  • OEM manufacturersRV industry
  • Campers, motorhomes, RV trailers
  • Fleet owners Municipal trucks
  • Construction equipment
     Emergency vehicles – fire, police and EMS


We supply a large variety of regular DOT conspicuity reflective tape to meet current Gov’t regulations for safety marking of all vehicles. See resources page for current vehicle marking gov’t standards.

  • Truck and Trailer Tape
  • General Industry Safety
  • Farm, Factory and Industry Vehicles
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Don’t Forget About Marking Bollards and Building Features


Mark your rail stock today. See resources page for current railroad marking standards today.

  • Locomotives
  • Boxcars
  • Flatcars
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Hopper cars
  • Great for use on railroad maintenance vehicles
  • Great for maintenance track cars 

Industry Segments

  • Truck and trailer
  • Railroad
  • Fire, Police and EMS
  • Commercial service fleet
  • Industrial plant safety
  • Marine
  • RV 
  • Agriculture

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